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MBI5169 is designed for LED displays with Open-/Short-circuit Detection extension. MBI5169 exploits PrecisionDrive™ technology to enhance its output characteristics. Furthermore, MBI5169 uses the idea of Share-I-O™ technology to make MBI5169 backward compatible with MBI5168 in both package and electrical characteristics. 
MBI5169 contains an 8-channel shift register and an 8-bit output latch, which convert serial input data into parallel output format. At MBI5169 output stages, eight regulated current ports are designed to provide uniform and constant current sinks with small skew between ports for driving LEDs within a wide range of forward voltage (Vf) variations. The excellent output accuracy is within ±3% between channels and within ±6% between ICs. Users may adjust the output current from 5 mA to 120 mA with an external resistor Rext, which gives users flexibility in controlling the light intensity of LEDs. MBI5169 guarantees to endure maximum 17V at the output ports. Besides, the high clock frequency up to 25 MHz also satisfies the system requirements of high volume data transmission.
By means of the Share-I-O™ technique, MBI5169 adds new functionality on pins SDO, LE, and of MBI5168 to provide an additionally effective function, Open-/Short-circuit Detection, without adding any extra pin and without changing the printed circuit board originally designed for conventional LED drivers.

01No. of Output Channel8
02Max. Sustaining Voltage17V
03Constant Output Current Per Channel5~120mA @ 5V & 3.3V supply voltage
04Max. Clock Frequency25MHz
05Output Current Accuracy-between channels<±1% (typ.), <±3% (max.)
06Output Current Accuracy-between ICs<±1% (typ.), <±6% (max.)
07Fast Response of Output Current, /OE (min.)/OE (min.): 200 ns @IOUT< 60mA,/OE (min.): 400 ns @IOUT= 60~100mA
08Supply Voltage3.0~5.5V
09Error DetectionYES
10Constant Output Current Invariant to Load Voltage ChangeYES
11Backward Compatible ICMBI5168 in package and electrical characteristics
12Adjusted Output Currentthrough an external resistor
13Schmitt Trigger InputYES
14Staggered Delay of OutputN/A
15RoHS Compliant PackageP-DIP16L /SOP16L/SSOP16L
16Other SpecificationExploit Share-I-O™ technique to provide two operation modes:
- Normal Mode with the same functionality as MB5168,
- Open-/Short-Circuit Detection mode to detect individual LED errors
PricisionDrive™ 技术
19Major FeatureError Detection