ICN74HC138(Logic Control)

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Logic control

ICN74HC138 are high speed Si-gate CMOS devices and are pincompatible with low power Schottky TTL.
The ICN74HC138 decoders accept three binary weighted address inputs (A0, A1, A2) and when enabled, provide 8 mutually exclusive active LOW outputs (Deanled PictureDeanled Picture).The “138” features three enable inputs: two active LOW (E1 and E2) and one active HIGH (E3). Every output will be HIGH unless E1 and E2 are LOW and E3 is HIGH.
ICN74HC138 is designed for LED Video Display applications. ICN74HC138 integrated protect PMOS circuit by turn off output when A0 not invert in 50ms.
• High-speed Si-gate CMOS
• Low Power Consumption
• Protect PMOS(4953)
• Power supply voltage: VDD=3.3~5V
• Package:SOP16TSSOP16


• LED Video Displays

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